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Over our experience in training, we have developed simple and practical tips. Let us help you remain in control of your dog in any situation.

In a healthy, supervised and safe environment, we welcome your dog during your absence. In the company of the pack, we keep them active and take care of them.

In order to properly meet your dog's needs, we have a store specialized in canine nutrition and dogsports gear.

The VIP Customer package benefits those who regularly use the services at Sirius sports canins. Indeed, you benefit from a multitude of discounts on all the products and services offered for the health and well-being of your dog.

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After having worked as trainers in the conventional canine environment, we wanted to motivate people to do regular activity with their dog and thus, build a healthy and stimulating relationship with him. As they spend their energy, it inevitably becomes easier to get our partners to behave well. In addition to creating a unique and accomplice bond. Always followers of nature, the outdoors and running, we have joined this experience with our passion for dogs by offering several services, training and daily activities accessible to all masters!

Geneviève Baril

Canine trainer and behavior specialist, Geneviève has more than ten years of experience in the field. Owner at Sirius Sports Canins and President of the Sirius Club, her mission is also to keep dogs active on a daily basis by organizing a host of activities, training and events. An international athlete in harness sports, Geneviève and her dogs travel the world to compete and share their passion for racing.
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Voici les membres de l'Équipe


Manager and trainer

Rebecca is naturally drawn to animals. She grew up in the equine and canine environment. Careful and meticulous at work, she has been part of the team for 5 years now. Rebecca is responsible for the kennel where she holds a management position. She excels in transmitting her knowledge thanks to her calm and maturity.

She is in charge of the educational stays, the initiations to harness sports as well as some group and individual courses.

Her versatility and bilingualism make her an excellent ambassador on social networks.


Dog caretaker and trainer

An avid dog trainer with several races under her belt, Marika is a great addition to the team.

She loves to get the dogs moving. Whether it’s canicross, bikejoring or sledding in the winter, she always has an alternative sport to offer our furry residents.

Marika is currently mentoring with Geneviève Baril to become a dog trainer, a position that will suit her like a glove.


Dog caretaker and Project Manager

With a background in arts and sports, Sarah joined the Sirius team in 2021.

Her versatility and involvement have led her to a management position. Dynamic by nature, she is present at the Sirius Club, the kennel and the boutique.

In addition to holding HR and administrative functions behind the scenes.


Dog caretaker

Bianka met Geneviève, owner of Sirius Sports Canins, during a visit to the store, in order to get equipped for canicross. Her interest in harness sports and her open-mindedness already predisposes her to a job in the animal world. Rider since her young age, Bianka is our “rookie” with a hardworking and resourceful nature. She brings joy to the team with her contagious smile!


Dog caretaker

Aurélie, a student in , has the opportunity to start working at Sirius a few months after the death of her dog. She sees the chance to keep this very important presence in her life and to learn more about the canine world. Working at the kennel offers her the chance to touch something new. Her kindness and ease of learning make her a trusted ally.


Dog caretaker

Having always had 1 or 2 dogs as well as cats at home, Marianne grew up with animals and it was for this reason that she naturally went into this field.

Marianne held part-time positions on a dairy farm and in a sheep farm during her studies.
Working at Sirius allows her to be in direct contact with the animals.

She has a calm and hard-working nature and will inspire confidence in you from the very first contact. She has at heart the well-being of your canine companions, big and small.

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Questions les plus souvent demandées

The sooner this training begins, the more beneficial it will be for you and your dog.

The Sirius Club is an organization whose mandate is to promote attendance at dog activities in the Brome-Missiquoi region. Sirius Sports Canins specializes in dog housing in a safe and healthy environment as well as dog training.

To have a good complete equipment, we are talking about $ 150 + tx. This equipment will serve you throughout the life of the dog.

The services offered by Sirius Sports Canins are diverse. These services include short or long term accommodation. Dog education and consultation for behavior problems. A shop where you can equip yourself for sport or to take food for your favorite animal.

Yes, it is strongly recommended to have all the basic vaccines up to date as well as the one for bordetella (kennel cough).

Yes, it is always better to call and reserve before going to ensure availability.

To introduce your dog to the harness, he must be one year old in order to respect his growth.

Yes quite. In order to properly maintain his diet.

Available at the boutique

1404 Shefford, Bromont, Québec, J2L 1E1

450 525-5051

For canicourses and other dog activities, see the Club Sirius website.