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Dog sports are a great way to build a healthy and nurturing relationship between you and your dog. By participating in our various dog activities on a weekly basis, you will develop your leadership in a positive and constructive way with your dog. While teaming up with him, you will immediately improve your qualities as a master in an interesting and motivating social environment within the pack!

Indeed, the Sirius Club offers the daily possibility of practicing different canine disciplines such as canicross, canimarche, bikejoring, skijoring and snow scooter. It is also possible to practice agility, obedience and socialization. All you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter to see what weekly Club Sirius activities are on the schedule according to the seasons

Meet the Sirius Club team

Geneviève Baril

Dog trainer and behavior specialist

Dog trainer and behavior specialist, Geneviève has over ten years of experience in the industry. Owner at Sirius Sports Canins and president of Club Sirius, she also has the mission of keeping dogs active on a daily basis by organizing daily activities, training and dog events. An international level athlete in harness dog sports, Geneviève and her dogs travel the world to compete and share their passion for racing.

Frédéric Gingras


Member of the Sirius Club for several years, Frédéric and his teammate Charly are loyal to training and all the Sirius dog races. Their diligence and discipline have made to progress this team in an exemplary manner. In addition to being always present, Frédéric gets involved in the club with all his family who come regularly to give time in as volunteers. We are very grateful

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