Fall schedule

From the year 2022, Cani-randos will be part of the activities offered at the Sirius club with Gabriel Dumont who will be your guide!!

To register for the Cani excursions, you must be a member of the club and choose your number of outings.

Belt, traction harness and bungee are strongly suggested! The calendar below shows you the dates and meeting places for the year

Canimarche Active

We need 5 dynamic and active people to test an activity project with our dogs. CaniMarche Active is a physical activity practiced outdoors with our dogs, on pedestrian paths. AT failing to run with our companions, the exercises offered are passive. However, expect work on your postural muscles, your muscle strengthening and your flexibility.

To participate, you must:

– Be an active member of Club Sirius 2022

– Be active and do exercises without muscle strain.

– Have a dog that gets along well with these congeners and is able to walk about 3 to 4 km – Have your equipment in possession (harness, bungee and your dog’s harness).

– Have walking shoes or winter walking boots

– Be available for 3-4 sessions during the months of January and February 2022

– Availability to discuss and formulate your comments on the experience

– Your good humor and your smile Sessions start on Saturday January 15, 2022.

We can’t wait to see you and walk with you!

Made possible by the generous donation of

Dog sports are a great way to build a healthy and nurturing relationship between you and your dog. By participating in our various dog activities on a weekly basis, you will develop your leadership in a positive and constructive way with your dog. While teaming up with him, you will immediately improve your qualities as a master in an interesting and motivating social environment within the pack! In order to become a member, it is mandatory to have previously followed a private assessment with one of our coaches. Make an appointment: info@siriussportscanins.com

Sirius Club Subsription

Inscription to the Club Sirius andMACQ (Mushers et athlètes canins du Québec)

This year the MACQ asks the associated clubs that all their members are also members of this association, the rates are therefore:
Membership MACQ $20.00
Membership Club Sirius $60.00 (includes an annual pass for 'les mis des sentiers'
Cycling, bikejoring and Skijoring option $30.00

Available Packages

Annual unlimited membership - 300$

Activities bookl (10 weeks) - 125$

5 weeks activity card - 60$

One activity - 15$

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450 525-5051

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