Dog training

Private Consultation: Private education courses are very effective in achieving training results with your dog. As it is possible to establish together a training plan adapted and personalized to your dog’s behavior, these courses will meet your needs as a master. Sessions of 6 courses are offered to obtain more lasting results and reach a satisfactory level of conditioning.

  • Price: $ 90 / h VIP $ 110 / h + tx
  • Session of 3 consultations: 250 $ VIP / 270 $ + tx
  • Session of 6 consultations: 450 $ VIP / 500 $ + tx
  • Travel: $ 0.50 / km from Bromont, Quebec.

Group course : PUPPY Class. Base 1-2-3
Group lessons (maximum 6 dogs) are offered in the training room at Sirius over a period of 4 weeks, one hour per week.

Content of the basics course 1 :

  • Introduction to canine psychology
  • Presentation of the basic tools for training
  • Leash handling
  • Basic obedience: sit / lay / stay / come / heen


Content of the Basics course 2 :

  • Deepen canine language
  • Handling without leash
  • Intermediate obedience with stimulation and increased duration
  • Dog focus work

Strengthen contact with the master

Content of the basics course 3 :

  •  Advanced obedience remotely without leash with signals
  • Immediate recall in freedom with stimulation
  • Walking without a leash outside
  • Improvement of canine psychology
  • Pack management

Price : 225 $ VIP / 250 $ + tx

Harness dogsports

Introduction to harness dogsports :

Start harness work with your dog. Whether it be walking, jogging or running, learn to team up with your dog, read it well and also guide it in these traction sports. Canicross, bikejoring, scooter, skijoring or snow sled are great disciplines to discover.

  • Equipment available for rental or purchase at the store.


Improvement in harness dogsports :

Refine your team in harness dogsports by improving your knowledge of running, dog language and behavior, and training techniques. An analysis of your team in order to bring out the best possible complicity in the practice of these sports.

Price : $ 75 VIP / $ 90 + tx

  • at the store

Training and workshops

Other formations :

  • Dog trainer workshop
  • Specialist in harness sports
  •  Dog Trainer

Available on request:

Other services

Over experience in training, we have developed simple and practical tips. Let us help you remaining in control of your dog in any situation.

In order to properly meet your dog's needs, we have a store specializing in canine nutrition and for dogsports gear.

The VIP Customer package benefits those who regularly use the services at Sirius sports canins. Indeed, you benefit from a multitude of discounts on all the products and services offered for the health and well-being of your dog.

See our videos and photos taken during events.

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